Big City Blues & November 2014 News

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Exciting news!  We (along with other Tampa Bay blues celebrities) are on the cover of the Oct./Nov. issue of Big City Blues Magazine, a renowned national blues publication based in Detroit, MI.  There are extensive interviews of each featured artist, and it’s been fascinating reading about our peers.  Visit their website to find outlets for this magazine in your area, to order copies or to subscribe, which we recommend.  See our LINKS page for their website.  Ironically, the last time we were featured in a national magazine was the Fall 1994 issue of Blues Revue, and only Liz’s name was on the cover.  Hope we won’t have to wait 20 more years for the next one!

Thanks to everyone up north for a great Summer Tour.  The highlight of the tour was meeting our newest fan, great-niece KHORA at the Cincy Blues Fest when she was two weeks old!  Another highlight was hanging out with our pal ROY BOOK BINDER at Liz’s mom’s farm in Hackney, Ohio & our show together at the ADELPHIA MUSIC HALL in Marietta.  It was also fun to celebrate Liz’s sister MARY’S 50th birthday with family.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Liz & Doc