May 2021

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Finally, good news on the pandemic front!  Some music venues are reopening, and Dr. Blues & I are thrilled to be fully vaccinated!  Please get your jabs if you haven’t, so we can get closer to normal ASAP.

In 2021, we celebrate some musical milestones:

25 years ago, we moved from Ohio to Florida.  What a year 1996 was-  we played the Chicago Blues Festival with Diamond Teeth Mary, and also released our (still) best-selling album, Six Fingers Boogie on 6/28/96.

35 years ago, we released our first record, Bluesy Atmosphere on 8/1/86.  HERE’S THE DEAL:  Spend $30.00 on any of our CD’s and/or merch via our website or at any show, and get the CD of this first album FREE.  Already have it?  Give it to a friend.   Deal expires 12/31/2021.  (Will automatically be added to mail orders-  don’t add it to your cart.)

I can’t believe it’s been 45 years since I started playing music professionally in 1976!  Although it’s not always been an easy or lucrative career, I thank God that I’ve been able to do it all this time, and can still proudly say “I’m a musician.”

5 years have flown by since we released our newest album, Quirky Boogie on 7/25/2016.  If you don’t have all 7 of our CD’s, please visit the STORE page & treat yourself!  Your purchases and support are more appreciated than you know, especially these days.

Speaking of support, in spite of our lean schedule since the pandemic began, we wish to thank the loyal Frequent Fans of 2020.  They are:     1. Linda M. who attended at least 20 shows;   2. Priscilla H.;   3. Wayne K.;   4. Judy R.;   5. Midge P.;   each attended at least 10 shows.

Stay careful out there, & hope to see you soon,